When installing Barrier as a tree ring, remove the grass down to soil level. Snip supports and bend to form the proper border around the tree. Spike Barrier Landscape Edging in place using 8" landscape spikes, spaced 18" apart.
To make Barrier invisible, you can either remove 1" of earth below the intended installation area and spike Barrier in place in this lower position or you can add a 12" to 18" wide berm of dirt on the grass side which gradually slopes up to a depth of 1" or more against the Barrier.
If landscape fabric is being used, lay fabric over the decorative area with excess fabric extending over the lawn area. Place Barrier on top of the fabric and nail in place. Cover fabric with landscape fill and trim excess fabric with a knife.


A 1" layer of coarse, dry sand is placed on top of the sub-base. Using 1" diameter pipe as screed rails, lay the pavers gently on the sand. Be sure to place the pavers firmly against their neighbours. Complete the laying process with whole pavers only.
Using a diamond blade, cut the paver pieces required and fill all the gaps in the project. Using a broom, spread dry coarse sand into the joints until all the joints between pavers are filled with sand. Backfill the border area around the project as soon as possibl
After all whole pavers are in place, use a hand trowel to carefully remove the screeded sand beyond the paver area. Install Barrier Landscape Edging firmly against the pavers using 8" landscape spikes, spaced 18" apart.